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how it all began


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... Was a fresh college grad back in 2018. Ever-so unconventional, she opted to live from a backpack with her laptop in tow rather than pursue a "normal" career path. Six months after buying a one-way to Vietnam in a total why the hell not moment, she had scaled a freelance business as a writer and media strategist into a full-time career.

In 2021, Dang Fine Creative was born. The agency is a culmination of years of hands-on industry experience, a ton of "aha!" moments, and an unflinching desire to help businesses grow and express themselves in an authentically unique way – but as a small team, this time around – earning wins for our clients across social media and other digital mediums.

Sarah's work has appeared in top publications such as VICE, Business Insider, Fast Company, HuffPost, Healthline, and more – all while traveling the world (and working with clients across a mind-boggling amount of timezones).

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... Hopped onboard in mid-2021. As DFC's assistant content manager, she makes the scroll-stopping magic happen – whether by drumming up brilliantly-branded content or expertly tending to DM's on the 'gram.

Calling the Twin Cities home, she graduated from the University of Minnesota back in 2020 and has been working in Minneapolis since. Ask her how to make a fire TikTok, or which lake is the best to jump in during Minnesota summer.

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